Five Easy Steps to Pop Art Makeup

As Appealing as Candy!  

Pop art is a simple and affordable look you can pull off at any costume party. This is inspired by the art movement that emerged in the mid-1950's.

Here are a few basic steps you can follow when applying you makeup. There are no rules when it comes to art and that includes makeup! All products used were found at your local grocery store in the Halloween section or beauty aisle. You can use you eyeliner pencils or face paint. Be sure to protect your skin with moisturizer and primer.

1. Apply primer and then foundation. I used a beauty blender but your fingers will work too.

2. Apply your eyebrows to get a bold and defined shape. You can go thick and dark for a dramatic look or fill in your natural shape. Then apply your eye shadow. I used cool tones; pink, purple, and blues. Lastly, apply your conceal, cheek powder, and if contour. Basically, anything you normally do with your makeup go ahead and get it done because the next few steps require drawing over it.

3. Use black eyeliner in places where you would normally contour. Then apply it in creases between your eyebrows, each side of your nose, around your nostrils, and chin crease.

4. Outline your lips with the black and then fill them in with a bright lipstick. Take a white eyeliner and fill in a few spaces on the lip to create the cartoon effect.

5. Use any white face paint to create the white dots. You can try the white eyeliner but some will smear your makeup and don't show up as bright. One trick you can try is holding it over a lighter for a second to heat up the crayon and make it go on smooth.

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