Trusting in Something Greater than Myself

In the past 40 days, I’ve had to say goodbye to four amazing souls unexpectedly; Brian, my father, Whitney, and Tyler. I am reminded that God's plan is not our plan.

Have you ever had a weird, unexplainable urge to do something that makes absolutely no sense, but you have this strong desire to do it? 

I was called to use my family's unimaginable pain as we fought one cancer battle after another to build a community of cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. 

After hearing the words, “you’re in remission,” something in me said I’ll never truly be the same. I had to have faith in the unknown, and it was confusing.

Continually praying for peace, I wanted nothing more than to heal and pretend cancer never happened to my family. It was such a traumatic and life-altering experience, and I could have lost myself through it but instead used it as fuel to ignite change. 

In 2014, I prayed for direction, and God told me to trust in something greater than myself, which led me to learning that cancer-causing chemicals were in the water where I grew up and crowdsourcing diseases across the county.  

I did not go to Satellite High School or live in Satellite Beach but walked in faith and trusted that this was where I was meant to be in 2018. I got involved with investigating a cancer cluster, which gifted me to memorable encounters and closer to finding answers. Every person I came across in that endeavor played a role in shaping me into the person I am today.

We must not be afraid of what the world is thinking, what we look like, or making the right decision.

Even if you know someone for a short time, you can affect their lives and their stories. Through the loss of these incredible people in the past few weeks, I’m reminded that we need to make the most of the time we have with each other, focus on being present, and harbor as many connections as possible. And if you find that God is calling you, trust Him. His plan will change your entire life.

To learn more about our work, visit:

To connect with the Brevard County community through a public Facebook group, join Fight For Zero Brevard.

To connect with the Satellite Beach community of cancer patients, survivors and caregivers, join the private group Satellite Beach Health & Hope for Tomorrow

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