A Journey to the City of El Paso

Sitting on my balcony in the United States and being able to look out across Mexico is surreal. I first saw this massive desert with too many people residing in a sand bowl between mountains. I experienced dust storms, prickly cactus, and miles of dirt with no sign of greenery. Driving through the western mountains gave unending sceneries with dust devils and uniquely carved out rock with a peek of color from various cactus flowers.

The dry heat and long hours of the sun beating down and absorbing into the everlasting hues of the desert landscape can take some time to get used to. Every evening the warm tones of the sunset vibrate off of the desert mountaintops and sandy landscape, amplifying the intensity of the hues of red, orange, and yellow. The air begins to cool, and the weather goes from summer to fall within a few hours into the night. The skies are lit across El Paso into Mexico, with millions of lights that mimic the air's stars.

I never thought I'd experience a journey in the state of Texas, let alone a desert boarding another country, but here I find myself temporarily sucked in. I'm blessed to have these opportunities to travel and experience these places. Most importantly, I love meeting new people and learning about their lives.

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