The First ABVD Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Treatment

My thoughts are racing, and any kind of sleep is nonexistent. No one can tell you what it's like to have a toxic mixture stream down a plastic tube that enters your chest, skin, and veins, only to slowly fill your body with poison.

Every symptom or experience is not the same because we are all born differently, and our bodies are unique. Some people get chemotherapy and can go to work right after. Others, not so much. I prepared for this day, both mentally and physically. Luckily, my little brother humorously told me what to expect from the "red devil" medicine that makes you pee a different color to extreme fatigue. 

This is the beginning. It's the start of a journey that I never anticipated. It's a chapter we are currently writing in what seems like a fiction book. This is all new to me, and I hope God has bigger plans for my life. The fight officially starts today.

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