Knowing the "C" Word can Save your Life

Cancer is a word that makes us feel uncomfortable, often avoided in conversation, and yet we don't even realize that this illness is walking among us every day, in our bodies, and like in my case, also while growing another human being.

There's no word more dreaded or terrifying, especially when related to death, pain, and suffering. Many of us have this concept that cancer is just a game of luck. The "C-word" alone takes us beyond our boundaries of comfort. No-one wants to think about being sick, let alone visualizing bald human beings grasping onto puke buckets. You hope that it won't happen to you and distance yourself from any awareness, as if it were contagious. Your fear of being exposed to knowledge could be killing you.

Those of us diagnosed thought we were against the odds too. When you don't have a family history or know anyone with cancer, it makes diagnosis even more shocking. We treat this disease as taboo, and more people are getting cancer than ever before. Once you're diagnosed, life is forever altered, even after you beat cancer.

Disease is the biggest enemy to our health. I hope that by knowing the "C-Word," you value health and life and help those who suffered through this challenging journey by spreading awareness because prevention saves lives.

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