Understanding the Impact: Defining a Life Altering Disease

The initial experience of uttering the phrase, "I have cancer," will be characterized by a feeling of surrender and confusion. However, as time passes and these three words are repeatedly spoken, a strong and unyielding spirit will emerge, resulting in a gradual change in one's perspective on life. The reality is that there are no expectations to look forward to in this battle except for an overwhelming appreciation for simply existing. 

Cancer will try to steal, disgrace, and overpower you, but it cannot take away your intrinsic essence. You have the capability to confront the darkness of this illness and come out triumphant. There will be moments when you feel completely defeated, accompanied by tears, vulnerability, and fear, but with a resilient mindset, these instances can be overcome. Instead of allowing this disease to define who you are, it is now your turn to give it a definition.