A Cancer Patients Silent Fight

There will be moments you feel alone, regardless of how many people stand beside you. There will be days of emotional disbelief and asking, "why me?" You will question everything about your life and purpose here on earth.

You won't want your family to witness your illness or grief, and no matter how strong you may seem on the outside, you're an emotional disaster on the inside. You smile through the darkness and battle your subconscious into positive thoughts. You will be confused, nervous, and unable to recognize yourself in a mirror.

Those chairs and hospital beds are forever engraved in your memory. You will feel the same anxiousness every single time you sit in that waiting room. This isn't just a chapter of your life; it is your life. At some point, you'll have to feel the pain.

You'll sob until the tears run out, and then you will refuse to give up even if there is a piece of you that doesn't want to keep going. One day those scars will fade, and you'll redefine your life. Everything you went through is leading you. Allow your pain to be felt.

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