The Fourth Person Diagnosed with Cancer: Our Father

I am sharing the news that my father has been diagnosed with stage 4 Multiple Myeloma with a heavy heart.  

As many of you know, my brother and I were diagnosed with cancer in the past year, along with our uncle and the family dog. Now we find out our father also has cancer. 

Multiple Myeloma is a blood cancer that affects the bones in the body. It's excruciating and, many times, debilitating for the patient. My father has lost a great deal of weight quickly and has bone fractures and divots throughout his bones in his entire body, affecting his daily life. He must use a walker to get around, and times can't even get up from a chair. This cancer has to do with the overproduction of calcium and often affects other body organs.  

His treatment includes a shot, chemo pill, and steroids.  The chemo pill alone is $2600 every two weeks with insurance. We are working on finding resources to help us with the astronomical costs of this treatment. 

Our family is going through the unimaginable. It just seems we can't get a break. These rare cancers that we are all being diagnosed with around the same time are not a coincidence.  We are learning that many of our neighbors and friends in Florida we grew up in are also dealing with rare diseases.

We started crowdsourcing cancer cases in our county. We would like you to take a moment out of your day to encourage your friends to join us on a Facebook group called Florida Health Connection (updated in 2018) Fight For Zero Brevard, where we are connecting the dots to the health issues. Until then, please pray for our dad, who is extremely sick.