Dear Cancer: Thank You


I am a proud patient, fighter, wife, mother, and sister who refused to lose. You may have forcefully entered my body and altered plans for my life, but you taught me to value every moment, and for that, I am thankful. You created an uproar within my family and, at times, almost won with my emotions. You created friendships with strangers and closer bonds while opening my eyes to people who were never really a part of my life. There were nights I cried uncontrollably, but you taught me to face fear triumphantly. And even though you violated my DNA, I learned to redefine beauty beyond the bald, browless, and lashless face. I proudly wear my scars as a symbol of strength and accept this new perception of life. You may have been one horrible nightmare for many people on this earth, an evil sickness, but we are growing stronger together. For everything you have put me through, thank you. 

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