Orlando, FL, USA

A Letter of Thanks to Cancer: Finding Gratitude in the Face of Adversity

stel bailey cancer

Dear Cancer,

I am an empowered patient, warrior, partner, nurturer, and sibling who embraced the refusal to surrender. Though you invaded my body and disrupted my plans for life, you granted me the wisdom to cherish each passing moment, and for that, I am grateful. You caused turmoil within my family, occasionally gaining ground with my emotions, yet you facilitated connections with strangers, forging tighter bonds and unveiling individuals previously unnoticed in my life. There were nights when tears flowed uncontrollably, yet you instilled within me the courage to confront fear with a resounding victory. Despite violating the core of my DNA, you taught me to redefine beauty beyond the image of a bald, eyebrow-less, and lash-less face. I wear my scars as badges of resilience, embracing this new perspective on life. While you have undoubtedly been a horrific nightmare for countless souls on this planet, a malevolent affliction, we are collectively growing stronger. I extend my appreciation for all the trials that I have endured because of you.