To Keep Going: The People Who Inspired Me

Here are some beautiful messages I received during my fight against cancer. I wanted to share them because every word was said at the perfect time. A simple message translates into so much more for someone facing uncertainty. It's what motivated me to continue sharing my story. It made me realize that the calling in my life had an unexpected change.

Strangers have shown me love, kindness, consideration, compassion, and goodwill. There are still people in the world with a general desire to help others who have shown friendliness and generosity through the worst time of my life. These same people inspired me to make a difference. I was shown how to step up as a human being, and I am very grateful to those who helped me define humanity.

If you know someone facing something, don't let them do it alone! Sometimes something so minor can mean the world to someone. They may not relay that to you, but they will always remember it

Hi there, I recently (Dec.18th) was diagnosed with Hodgkins -2B. I am 30. I have been under going IVF to preserve my fertility for the future. Chemo starts Jan. 28th and I am scheduled for 6 cycles (12 treatments). I just wanted to say that with all the research and hunting i've done on the web for people like me I have found your blog the most inspiring and helpful. My wedding is August 8th this year and I am full time art teacher. You are helping me to see, it is all possible. Thank you!

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