How To: Galaxy Sugar Skull Makeup

It all starts with a "base" color and for this Halloween look I chose to start with a white paint. I started off with white because it helps bring out those vibrant colors.  Then I lightly rough drafted some details to help guide me as I built onto this look.  This look is all about layering with colors.  After setting the white with translucent powder I start blotting in various colors that complimented each other on the color wheel. Never heard of the color wheel?  Look at samples of what colors compliment each other on Pinterest!  

Once you completed the base coloring you can start filling things in like the black lining, shadowing, eye sockets, etc.  The very last step is adding white splatters and drowning in a pile of biodegradable glitter to help give some textured shiny details. 

Voila!  Don't forget to connect with me on Instagram for 31 days of Halloween! @StelBeaut

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