Nashville, TN, USA

A Spotlight on the Nashville Boogie Pin Up Pageant Winners

The day began with a Western Roundup Fashion Show by Riley Reed, followed by the Pinup Pageant with Bernie Dexter and King Dado. Bonnie Valentine was crowned the southern bell winner.  Below is an interview with her:

What is your favorite thing about pinups? "Being able to play dress-up forever. You dress up, get to wear eyelashes, makeup, and it's an excuse to wear fancy clothes."

What's your advice to someone who wants to become a pinup? "Be confident. Study what everybody does because it really is getting things precise. Learn to match outfits, and once you start to learn, you can get creative and incorporate your own style into it."

What would you say your style is? "I like to change it up all the time. My favorite is the 40's and 50's. I love the blonde bombshell rockabilly look with a gothic dark side to make it a little more modern."

Tell me something about your modeling that no one knows. "I model for weddings all the time...mock weddings for magazines and photographers. So when I finally got married in November, no one believed it was a real wedding, but I finally got married."

Photography and Interview by Stel Bailey | Published in Vintage Affair Magazine




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