Click Now to See 15 Creative Halloween Makeup Looks

1. Creepy Skull Makeup

Using oil based paints found just about anywhere this creepy skull inspired look was created using two colors; black and white. Shadowing was down using a black powder.

2. Zombie Popart Makeup 

This look uses a mixture of colors and characters to create a unique look. Watch the video with this creation on a separate post: Zombie Popart Makeup with Video Tutorial

3. Half and Half Nightmare Before Christmas

This unique creation puts two characters onto one body. Using water activated paint from Snazaroo and colored powders to create depth and shadow this look can be recreated with a  little bit of imagination. *Contacts are prescription.

4. Beauty and the Beast Horror

Using latex, a silk rose and body glue this look is a concept that can be recreated in many ways. Giving the perception that the rose went through the cheek and that the beast needs anger management. 

5. Pumpkin Art

This can easily be created with oil based or water activated paint. Using powder to darken areas and create shadow. 

6. Frostbite - Disney's Anna

A fun frostbite creation using latex, body glue and aluminum foil. The face was covered with a thin layer of white paint mixed with a touch of grey to give a ghostly appearance. A light tint of blue powder was used to shadow and dark grey to add depth. 

7. Wooden Scarecrow

A more complex makeup look using many layers and colors to create details and depth.

8. Halloween Skeleton

Simple and easy is this Halloween skeleton creation with a nightmare before Christmas vibe. View more on this look: Easy and Creative Skeleton Halloween Makeup

9. Little Red Riding Hood Horror

The big bad wolf caught up to little red riding hood. Using latex and water activated paint this look created a creative version of this favorite character.

10. Pop Art Zombie

I colorful cartoon style zombie created using oil paints (found at most retail stores) and powders to help rid the paint of shine and from melting off. To see more of this look visit Pink Cartoon Zombie Art Makeup.

11. Lady Frankenstein

Very green and fun this look uses water activated paint and pink eyeshadow from Urban Decay's Electric Palette. To see more of this look visit Easy Frankenstein Makeup for Halloween + Video

12. Clown Makeup

A colorful version of clowns mainly using eyeshadow. The eye contact and wig pulls the colorful look together. Visit Easy Halloween Clown Makeup to see more. 

13. Out of this World

A galaxy inspired skeleton look using paint and face powder. There are many "layers" in this makeup look from shadowing, highlights to the paint splatters.

14. Wooden Doll

A wooden doll that comes alive in this detailed and creative makeup look. From wide eyes, the wooden outlines to the spider details this is a fun creation. Visit Insanely Awesome Wooden Doll Makeup for Halloween to see more.

15. Mermaid Skeleton Queen

Using Snazaroo water activated paint and the Take me back to Brazil palette from BH Cosmetics this look comes together with vibrant bold colors. To see more visit Mermaid Skull Halloween Makeup

Makeup created by Stel Bailey and inspired by Pinterest 

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