Titusville, FL, USA

Community Spotlight: Titusville's Hidden Ice Cream Gem

TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA. The BHIVE is a local establishment in Titusville, run by a family, where they create ice cream right in front of you using a Nitrogen Purge process. The employees combine the ingredients in a bowl and mix them together. Within a short time, they use a wide spout to pour the liquid nitrogen onto the mixture, creating a magical transformation. As a result, the ice cream is not only refreshing but also incredibly tasty.

They offer a welcoming atmosphere for families with the inclusion of various activities for children, such as a bouncy house, a play area filled with colorful balls, and interactive chalkboards. Additionally, you can discover concealed and artistically decorated rocks throughout their establishment. Their delightful treats are visually appealing and innovative, exemplified by one of their captivating shaved ice concoctions.
With deep sorrow, I regret to inform you that the beloved BHIVE, a local ice cream establishment that I previously reviewed, has recently closed down.

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