Insanely Awesome Wooden Doll Makeup for Halloween

Every year I enjoy participating in "31 Days of Halloween" where most makeup enthusiasts are inspired by FX and body painting makeup. 

This wooden doll concept starts with a "base" color. I used my everyday foundation to start off with. Then I lightly rough drafted some details to help guide me as I built onto this look. This look is all about layering. After setting my foundation with a translucent powder I create the eyebrows with black liner and eye sockets with white. I then create the wooden lines with a brown powder and a very thin paint brush.  

My chest is created with an oil based body paint and also set with a translucent powder. I later found that water activated paints are so much easier work with. 

You will notice I created large white areas around my eyes to give a unique big eye effect.  Once the wood lines are completed I start to build on top of that with other designs or colors. 

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