Is Moringa the Next Superfood?

Moringa oleifera is a multi-purpose herbal plant that is rich in healthy antioxidants. Almost all parts of the tree are eaten or used as ingredients in traditional herbal medicines. I first learned about Moringa from Linda at Paisley Farm and Crafts where organic Moringa products are sold. 

This fast-growing tree has been used as a traditional remedy in phytomedicine and ayurvedic healing for thousands of years. This superfood can reduce the severity of asthma symptoms, reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, increase body mass index (BMI), increase breast milk production, improve menopausal symptoms, and improve vitamin levels.  

Moringa is like kale on steroids. It was shown to be more effective than antibiotics in eliminating certain types of bacteria and fungi in lab tests. It has also been shown to keep cancer cells from spreading thanks to a phenolic substance called eugenol.

Moringa leaves stick out as superfood because the leaves contain two times the amount of protein of yogurt, four times the amount of Vitamin-A as carrots, three times the amount of potassium as a banana, four times the amount of calcium as cows' milk, and seven times the amount of Vitamin-C as oranges. That means Moringa oleifera can contribute to everything from immunity to skin radiance.

Below each image, you'll find Moringa products in Paisley Farm and Crafts store, along with additional information.  

Something is relaxing and simple about curling up in a bed on a lazy Sunday to drink a dreamy cup of tea. There are plenty of reasons to love these teas - from sustainable packaging in a sealed tight silver metal tin to the reusable tea ball. Each Loose Moringa Tea has a light, smooth, and slightly sweet taste.   

I purchased four of the seven teas: Moringa, Lavender Earl Grey, Chamomile, and Peach Lemon. 

The Lavender Earl Grey is an energy booster without the jitters. It keeps you hydrated and has a soothing blend of serenity to help unwind for the day. The very scent of lavender is calming, and this loose leaf lavender tea is incredibly refreshing.

Chamomile is also a natural anti-inflammatory and is loaded with antioxidants. This tea is a delicious blend of fruity and herbal notes and is like taking a bit out of an earthy apple (but less sweet). Chamomile tea increases the production of serotonin and melatonin; both hormones can improve mood and alleviate stress. 

Peach Lemon is a soothing power of peach, making this tea a great option for a morning pick me up. Paired with the subtle taste of lemon, this tea is warming and sensational. 

These handmade luxurious Moringa soaps will make your skin feel clean and is completely free of toxic fragrances or chemicals. The addition of Moringa provides your skin with a long list of benefits. This soap has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties from phytochemicals in the leaves. It can bring back balance to natural skin color and help your body with keratin and collagen production. This soap keeps your skin smooth and hydrated. 

Moringa oil is an all-natural source of skincare greatness. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves the overall appearance of the skin, and soothes inflammation. Great for all skin types and is found in numerous cosmetics due to its jack-of-all-trades ingredient. This oil is well absorbed by the skin, giving you constant hydration. The refined oil is clear and odorless. 

Moringa leaf capsules are packed with natural amino acids, magnesium, minerals, and vitamins. These capsules help me feel energized with healthy and radiant skin. 

One study in women found that taking 1/5 teaspoons of Moringa leaf powder every day for three months significantly increased blood antioxidant levels. 

Several studies have shown that Moringa oleifera may help lower blood sugar levels.

Several studies in mice and rats have shown that leaves and seeds of Moringa oleifera may protect against some of the effects of arsenic toxicity. 

Ginger is among the healthiest spices. Loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds, ginger is known to be highly effective against nausea. It has also been known to significantly reduce muscle pain and help with osteoarthritis. That's why some people take Ginger Root Capsules.

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The medicinal uses described are based on information found in the literature. The author may not have first-hand experience with the medicinal uses they describe. It's strongly recommended you check references and perform your own research before using this plant for the purposes listed above. Do your research and consult your doctor before using any of the remedies listed on this website.

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