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These photos are free to use with required attribution on social media, blogs, news sites, videos, and other websites. All images on this website remain the property of Stel Bailey and may not be redistributed or profited from without written permission. If you are using them for paid commissions, book covers, merchandise, or commercial work, you will need to pay a royalty fee. How to give attribution:
 Image by stelbailey.com

Doing the right thing isn’t just about paying for images – it’s also about making sure creators are correctly credited for their work. These images can be used for personal projects, social media, blogs, news sites, practice art, and videos as long as you are not profiting. You may also use these images for personal business cards, prints for a business, flyers, and storefronts as long as you are not making money from the art. If required, a print release can be provided. The photos on this site are 1200-width x 800-height pixels; some are heavily altered, with a few originals supplied for modification. High-resolution, customization, and services for product photography are available.

My images are free to use unless you are profiting from them. Contact me at stelbailey@gmail for commercial inquiries (book covers, posters, album covers, calendars, clothing, card decks, puzzles, business cards, and other print material).

Please answer as many of these questions as you can regarding projects to speed up the process:

Who is the author/maker?
Who is the publisher/manufacturer(s)?
Where will it be published/sold?
How much will your item cost?
How many copies will be made?
Can I receive a copy?

If merchandise is free and no one is being paid to use the artwork, such as a nonprofit organization using it to bring awareness or education, and less than 50 copies are being made, you can use the images. If you are creating art with these images, I'd love it if you shared them! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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