31 Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

How I Began Painting My Face

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Our family has adopted the "31 Days of Halloween" tradition every October, where we do autumn or spooky-themed project every day until the 31rst. 

Makeup art became a creative outlet during my battle against Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2013. It helped me redefine beauty beyond the browless, lashless, and bald face. I originally went to school for journalism, learned how to design magazine page layouts, and studied color theory. I did photography as a hobby and modeled briefly, walking in local runway shows for companies like Sears. 

I was at the height of my photography career after working extremely hard for 13 years to build a portfolio, run a model photography network, get published, and collaborate with companies to help amplify their marketing.    

When diagnosed with cancer, my life dramatically changed. There were numerous weekly appointments, 6-hour infusions, tests, traveling, and the side effects of treatments. I was slowly losing myself amid this disease and didn't have a support system to help me get through it. Then I wandered into Sephora one day and felt that curiosity and passion for learning again.

Getting into makeup art helped ignite my creative side and embrace what this disease took from me. I began combining my photography, wardrobe styling, and color theory with beautiful artistry and self-portraits. Through that, I learned to love myself and become confident in sharing my journey against the horror I faced with the world. I wanted to inspire other women to share their scars and create a community to survive a storm. 

I don't consider myself a professional makeup artist, just someone who enjoys creating and has done looks inspired by other artists across the internet. Would you please help credit them by commenting with their names and social media handles? Also, I'd love to see your art too! Don't be shy; share your links too. Here are 31 painted faces I've done throughout the years using Snazaroo water-activated face paint and biodegradable glitter

1. Pop-Art Comic Book Halloween Makeup

2. Half Beauty and Half Skull Halloween Makeup

3. Scary and Cute Scarecrow Halloween Makeup

4. Frozen Disney Princess Anna

5. Easy and Pretty Halloween Makeup

6. Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice Halloween Look

7. The Devil We Know Halloween Makeup

8. Beauty and the Beast Halloween Makeup

9. Simple Vampire Halloween Makeup

10. Half Floral Skull Face Halloween Makeup 

10. Alien Space Girl Halloween Makeup

11: Half Beauty and Half Mermaid Skull Face 

12: Fortune Teller Gypsy Makeup

13. Simple Halloween Barbie Makeup

14. Half Skull and Half Butterfly Halloween Makeup

15. Glitter Skull Halloween Makeup

16. Frankenstein Halloween Makeup

17. Eerie Pumpkin Witch Makeup

18. Tim Burton Inspired Halloween Makeup

19. Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Makeup

20. Pretty Mermaid Skeleton Halloween Makeup

21. Outlined Neon Skull Makeup

22. Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Makeup

23. Pumpkin Punk Halloween Makeup

24. Rainbow Clown Halloween Makeup

25. Dark Skeleton Halloween Makeup

26. Colorful Galaxy Skull Halloween Makeup

27. Wooden Doll Halloween Makeup

28. Colorful Cartoon Zombie Halloween Makeup

29. Awareness Skull Halloween Makeup

30. Pretty Sunflower Inspired Makeup

Creative hobbyist inspired by the beauty community.

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