Click Now to See 13 Ghoulish Halloween Makeup Looks

1. POPART MOM: Using Snazaroo water activated face paint 

2. TWO FACED: Draw half your face pretty and the other as a skull using Snazaroo Face Paint

3. ROBOT ZOMBIES: Use colorful water activated face paints from Snazaroo to create a half face look

4.  TORN MERMAID: Use skin friendly water activated face paint from Snazaroo to create a mermaid skull face.

5. ICEY: For a super easy Halloween makeup look use stickers that match your eyeshadow 

6. SILENT PUMPKIN: Using Snazaroo water activated face paint for the mouth and biodegradable glitter for the eyes

7. MISS ARGENTINA's SISTER: Using water activated (not oil based) paint from Snazaroo and shadows to create depth.

8. THE DEVIL WE KNOW: Using Snazaroo water activated face paint (not oil based) for these devilish looks.

9. VAMPIRE: Super simple Halloween look using a drip of blood. 

10. FLORAL SKULL: Using Snazaroo water activated face paint to create a floral skull like scenery

11: 4050 ALIEN: Using Snazaroo water activated face paint 

12. GYPSY:  biodegradable glitter

Looks by @StelBeaut on Instagram hobbyist inspired by the beauty community.


13. PRETTY WIDOW: Use adhesive glue to secure fake spiders to your skin

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