Disney's Elsa & Anna Visit Six Year Old Riley Battling Cancer

Meet Princess Riley, crowned by Queen Elsa, who turned six this past week. Riley is a warrior battling cancer. Her innocence, strength, and beauty at such a young age are inspiring. Through the toughest of moments that no child should ever experience, Riley dances to the own beat of her music.

Her family had issues locating Elsa and Anna to invite to Riley's birthday party. I read on a Facebook group that her birthday was coming up and knew that Olaf kept the princesses busy with his overdramatic beach vacation. The ocean took his nose, so we spent an entire day locating the perfect carrot to replace it. He can be a handful, but his dedicated cloud does wonders on a beach during the heat of summer.

Riley had no clue that the Queen and Princess were coming to visit, and she got to experience the magic while she bravely pushes on in her battle against illness. Riley celebrated with snow inspired theme, bounce house, friends, and loving family. It was a magical end to a beautiful day.

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that I must share the sad news that shortly after Riley's birthday celebration, she is no longer with us. Riley has since spread her wings and is now in a better place. She is forever engraved in my heart. You can still support her journey by encouraging her family and raising money for childhood cancer.

http://www.facebook.com/team.riley  | Backup and contributing photographer: Lorra Lee

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