A Big Disney Surprise for Six Year Old Riley Who is Battling Cancer

Riley is a childhood cancer patient who wants to meet Queen Elsa and Anna for her sixth birthday. Her mother turned to social media in hopes of reaching both the Disney sisters. The family had difficulty locating Elsa and Anna but managed to pull off a big surprise on August 8, 2015.

Riley had no clue that the Queen and Princess were coming to visit, and she got to experience the magic while she bravely pushed on in her battle against illness. She celebrated her sixth birthday with snow inspired theme, a bounce house, friends, and a loving family. 

Queen Elsa brought a gift and crowned Riley during her celebration. Her friends asked many questions with curiosity as to where Olaf was. We explained that he was shopping for a new carrot nose as he had lost his other one at the beach. A young boy replied, "How did he not melt?" Elsa answered, "he has a cloud that follows him with snow." We laughed about how much of a handful Olaf was, and then we began getting questions about Kristoff and Sven. 

Through the most challenging moments that no child should ever experience, Riley dances with innocence, strength, and beauty at such a young age. Every day children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States, and research is underfunded. 

Unfortunately, we received the news shortly after Riley's birthday celebration; that she is no longer with us. Riley has since spread her wings and is now in a better place. She is forever engraved in my heart. You can still support her journey by encouraging her family and raising money for childhood cancer.

http://www.facebook.com/team.riley  | Backup and contributing photographer: Lorra Lee