Cocoa, FL, USA

15 Easy and Affordable DIY Halloween Projects

1. The trick to the “bat cave” effect is to cut the bats out by folding the paper in half.  You can make varying sizes and styles while cutting at a fast pace.  Even the kids can get involved with cutting them out. 

2. Cover your pictures with newspaper and then use black construction paper to create a silhouette of a crow, cat, bird, skull, or something even creepier. It's simple! Take a look at the resources below for some spooky silhouette designs: 

Cat Silhouette 1  > Cat Silhouette 2 > Owl Silhouette > Birdcage Silhouette

3. I know that these cupcakes are effortless designs, but they are perfect for toddlers and are affordable.  I'm constantly looking for holiday-inspired treats where the kids can also join in on the creations.  It inspires them to get creative and familiar with the kitchen.  These cupcakes bring a perfect spooky touch to any treat.  I found a pack of plastic spider rings for under $1 and used them as a topping.  The "vampire bite" was easy to master with red food dye and a toothpick.  Voila! So easy! 

 4. Using a mason jar, put a few drops of food coloring into water and place rubber body parts inside. This is a simple and affordable DIY where you can find packs of eyeballs, fingers, and other pieces to create this creepy illusion. We put it on our bathroom sink. 

5. We created this eyeball toss using plywood, paint, and dollar store cups.

6. We reuse all of our decorations every year, and these little black spiders go a long way in our decorating. We used a hot glue gun to place these spiders throughout the bathrooms and kitchen. The glue came off without damaging the cabinets.

7. More cutouts! We use thick black paper so that we can reuse these cutouts each year and add to them. Tracing the outline of our kids and creating other spooky shadows for the windows.

8. Vegan Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies: RECIPE

9. Halloween door wreath using black snakes, bones, and twigs.

10. A game of charades that's fun for all ages. We painted a mason jar and some popsicle sticks and then put different Halloween related things on the sticks for people to act out.

11. DIY Graveyard stones made with plywood and paint. Using pipes on the back with stakes helps keeps them standing better too.

12. Webs, webs, webs. We use it as a filler in blank spaces. This makes the DIY list because this stuff isn't fun to work with and takes patience. 

13. Outdoor movie theatre with fun, spooky movies, and popcorn.

14. Miniature marshmallow on toothpicks dipped in caramel.

15. A simple game for all ages. Whoever guesses the closest to how many candies are inside taken home the mason jar of candy.

I hope this inspired you to get creative and into the spooky spirit! 

Please don't forget to share these ideas with your family and friends and comment below with other creative and easy DIY projects we can try!