2603 E South St, Orlando, FL 32803, USA

Must Visit Plant Based Eatery in Orlando | Dixie Dharma

If you like southern comfort food but don't like the heavy feeling that comes after eating it, then this is something you're going to want to try. If you're going to try something new that's plant-based (shhh), this is the place to go. Everything at this eatery is unique and favorable and comes in good portion sizes. This was my first time visiting Dixie Dharma at Market on South in Orlando, and it was original, fresh, and delicious. 

The building, parking, and dining area inside were smaller than I anticipated. There's a patio area outside with picnic tables, hanging string lights, and boxed plants surrounding the space giving it more greenery and comfort. There's also a highway across the street, which unfortunately comes with noise pollution. 

We happened to arrive during lunchtime, and the line was consistently long, but the orders were taken quickly. You must get in line to order and pay for your food. Once finished, you can find seating, and they will bring your food out to you by calling your name. The dining area took some getting used to as you're sitting rather close to complete strangers, and there's not a great deal of space. 

The staff kindly greeted me with a smile, explained the different menu options, and provided suggestions. I was open-minded to trying just about anything and am not a picky eater. 

The tiki taco was made with purple kraut, bbq jackfruit, pineapple salsa, coconut cream in a crisp corn shell, and delicious. It had the perfect combination of flavors, crunch, and flavor. This taco has inspired a few of my own creations at home using pineapple. 

The cheesy homies were crispy potatoes smothered in a vegan cheese sauce and had just the spicy kick.

The fried green tomato sandwich is a trendy item on the menu. Everyone with me ordered this sandwich and raved about every aspect of it, from the flavors to texture. Paired with cheesy homies and your cravings will be satisfied.

The crispy Brussels were charred and served with a sweet sauce that complimented them perfectly. Sometimes Brussel sprouts have an overwhelming smell and taste, but these were cooked just right.

The creamy baked mac n cheese flavors were all complimentary to each other with tiny red peppers on top. 

Off to the side, there was a case filled with a cold-pressed juice. I personally do not like celery, and it was overpowering in this green juice. Other than that, the rest of the ingredients were perfect together.

There is a case full of vegan baked sweets, and it is dangerous. There are pies, cakes, cookies, bars, cobblers, and more. 

There are also items for sale inside like vegan mixes, jewelry, handmade soaps, toxic-free bug spray, and items where every purchase goes towards a different cause. I purchased essential oil bug spray to try. The citronella oil was strong, but it worked. 

If you'd like to visit Dixie Dharma, the address is 2603 E South St, Orlando, FL 32803. Have you tried it yet? If so, what's your favorite thing on the menu?