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Trusting the Process: Overcoming Doubt in Your Life's Purpose

Have you ever experienced a strange desire to engage in an activity that appears illogical, but you still possess a strong compulsion to pursue it? I had an intense urge to uncover the reasons behind the unusual situations my family encountered throughout our immensely challenging fights against cancer. One by one, we received diagnoses and had to acquire the abilities of both caregivers and patients within a mere year.

After being told that I was in remission, I experienced a profound transformation within me. I had to place my faith in something unpredictable, which utterly bewildered me.

I always prayed for peace, and my only desire was for my family to recover from cancer as though it never happened. It was a major milestone in my life, and I could have easily become consumed by it, but instead, I focused my efforts on seeking explanations.

How is it that my family, devoid of any background or genetic inclination towards cancer, experienced this extraordinary and devastating period in our existence? The memories of unfamiliar physicians approaching me while I endured the discomfort of a cold frigid chair during chemotherapy, inquiring about my upbringing, remained embedded in my mind like thorny sand spurs clinging to my skin.

These questions compelled me to explore the prevalence of diseases where I was raised, particularly on Florida's space coast, which led me to Satellite Beach. Through my research, I discovered a shocking reality - over 30 cases of Hodgkin's Lymphoma had been investigated in this neighborhood in the 90s. Remarkably, this was the same type of cancer that my sibling and I bravely battled against.

Throughout this investigation, I drew strength from my unwavering faith and harbored the conviction that I needed to embark on this path. This endeavor presented me with remarkable encounters, bringing me closer to the serenity I sought in 2014. Each individual I met along the way played a significant role in shaping my present self.

Since then, I have discovered detrimental pollutants that have affected the purity of our water systems, soil, and atmosphere in the region where I witnessed space shuttles taking off during my formative years. It was never in my plans to become a renowned activist for environmental justice, having encounters with Erin Brockovich, addressing large audiences, and providing testimony to Congress about the hardships faced by our community in Brevard County. The only certainty I possess is that when one receives a profound calling, it is crucial to trust in a higher power. By following the guidance of this divine plan, your very existence can undergo a complete transformation.

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