From Moments to Memories: Celebrating Jill Thompson Cayton's Life in Photographs

BREVARD COUNTY, FL - I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Jill Cayton's passing at the age of 36. She was truly a remarkable individual, known for her selflessness, kindness, and compassion. Jill's love for animals was evident in her dedication to rescuing and caring for them, particularly wolf dogs. Her advocacy for mental health awareness was inspiring, and I greatly admired her passion. Jill's beautiful soul will be dearly missed.

She stood by my side when my sister had an overdose, and she supported me when I voiced my worries about water quality on public platforms. As people started spreading rumors about our misfortunes, she fiercely defended our family. This truly reflects the kind of person she was - loyal and compassionate, always unwilling to witness others in pain.

Jill graced my camera with her presence, allowing me to capture her beauty. I have a collection of images dating back to 2009 that showcase her radiance. In 2011, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph her wedding to Steven Cayton at Playalinda Beach, Florida. It was an honor to be chosen as their photographer for such a momentous occasion. Surrounded by loved ones, they exchanged heartfelt vows, their smiles reflecting the profound love they shared. Witnessing their happiness was truly a privilege. As I think about Steven now, my heart goes out to him. I can only imagine the immense difficulty he must be facing. 

I've been able to capture some truly remarkable moments using my camera lens of Jill, and this collection is a heartfelt dedication to her and her family, preserving her memory for eternity.

Jill Cayton

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