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Paddle, Swim, and Relax: Over 30 Gift Ideas for Water Enthusiasts

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to experiencing the excitement and freedom that the water offers. Whether embarking on a multi-day kayaking expedition or a jetski journey, there's always something new to discover. And let's not forget the serene beauty of gliding on a paddleboard across the crystal-clear freshwater springs. Exploring Florida's pristine waterways is an endless source of wonder and never fails to captivate. Even a simple swim in these refreshing waters can be a rejuvenating and tranquil experience. So dive in and embrace the aquatic wonders that Florida has to offer!

If you love the water or know someone who does, I'm here to help you explore ideas to make gift shopping easier. That water enthusiast in your life might be the easiest person to shop for. So, let's dive in and discover the perfect gifts together. Here's my curated gift guide for this year:

Looking for an affordable and practical paddle board? Look no further than an inflatable stand-up paddle board! It's not only budget-friendly but also incredibly convenient. You can easily fit it in the trunk of your car, and setting it up is a breeze. Of course, if you want to explore paddleboard rentals nearby, you can always give it a shot. However, if you're planning to spend a lot of time on the water, investing in an inflatable board is a smarter financial choice in the long run. The main difference between inflatable and hardboard options lies in their transportation ease and technical features. Personally, I'm a fan of hardboards, but when it comes to backpacking or needing a compact option, inflatables are my go-to choice. Paddle boards on Amazon

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Ensure your safety and enjoy the utmost comfort while out on the water with this exceptional life jacket. Equipped with a built-in safety whistle, numerous expandable zipper pockets, and crafted from high visibility reflective material, this jacket is specifically designed for water sports enthusiasts. Remember, even if you possess excellent swimming skills, it's always wise to have a life jacket on hand. You never know when you might need to swiftly throw this vest to someone in need, potentially saving their life. Stay prepared and protected with this reliable life jacket.

Calling all experienced paddlers! This sleek and compact inflatable belt is tailor-made for you. It has been given the seal of approval by the U.S. Coast Guard and is specifically designed for those who love active watersports. Plus, it comes with a handy D-ring that allows you to easily attach all your must-have items. Get ready to take your paddling adventures to the next level with this low-profile gem!

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4. Medical Kit 

Don't forget to pack a first aid kit when you embark on your adventures. This handy kit is small in size but packed with all the necessary items. In case of any cuts or injuries while you're near water, make sure to clean and bandage them right away while being cautious to avoid exposing the wounds to any water sources. It's worth noting that in Florida, there's a concerning issue with millions of gallons of sewage being spilled and pesticides seeping into water bodies, leading to the growth of harmful bacteria that can potentially cause infections. Stay safe and take care!
Where to Buy: Amazon

5. Adjustable Paddles
Experience the thrill of gliding through a serene current while encountering sunbathing alligators, soaring hawks, graceful deer, and other fascinating wildlife. These incredible three-piece shockproof adjustable paddles are a must-have for your adventure. They are not only lightweight and portable but also incredibly easy to click and go. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!

Where to Buy: Amazon

6. Electric Air Pump 

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! This amazing hands-free electric pump is a game-changer when it comes to inflating and deflating inflatable paddleboards. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to convenience! With this high-pressure pump, you can inflate a regular stand-up board in just 10 minutes and deflate it fully in a mere three minutes. Plus, it's super easy to use - simply plug the pump cord into your car's cigarette lighter, and you're good to go! Get ready to make paddleboarding a breeze with this incredible gift.

Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Ankle Leash 

Ankles leashes are an absolute must-have, regardless of your level of expertise in paddling. This leash is skillfully designed with plush padding for utmost comfort and features a swivel mechanism to prevent annoying tangles. And as an added bonus, it even comes with a secure key pocket!

Where to Buy: Amazon

8. Anchor Kit

This amazing folding anchor is not only rust-resistant, but it also comes with a fully padded storage bag for your convenience. With 25 feet of marine-grade rope, you'll have plenty of lengths to secure your board. And that's not all! It even includes a flotation buoy, making quick and easy connections a breeze. So, take a break, rest, and enjoy the beauty of nature with this fantastic folding anchor.

Make sure to include this in your beloved paddler's gift basket to provide an added layer of protection. Safeguard your precious tech in case it takes an unexpected plunge. These vibrant floats come with a removable clasp and are designed to be lightweight and compatible with a wide range of cameras and phones.

Where to Buy: Amazon

10. Deck Cooler Bag 

This cooler bag is the ideal paddleboard accessory to keep drinks chilled while sitting securely on the board. This bag fits 12 cans and has a watertight zipper to ensure the bag will stay cool longer. As a bonus, a zipped mesh top keeps your items handy and organized.

This dry bag is excellent for long trips and camping as it can protect valuables from getting wet and hold a larger capacity. It fits easily underneath cargo bungees on the deck of a paddleboard. The bag is convenient with a two-step roll and clip closing and opening function.

Where to Buy: Amazon

12. Reusable Bottle 

Stay hydrated while keeping the environment in mind by taking a reusable stainless steel water bottle. This bottle is insulated and designed for the outdoors to keep water fresh and cool.

Where to Buy: Amazon

13. Waterproof Waist Pack
This triple-lock waist pack keeps your valuables from getting wet and is easily accessible. It can fit your wallet, keys, phone, and snacks, perfectly safe from splashes and total immersion while swimming.

Keep your phone dry and functional with a waterproof case. This case has a transparent screen, so you can still use your touchscreen on the front and take images from the back. It is affordable for those trying to add a layer of protection for their phone while on the water.
Where to Buy: Amazon

15. Waterproof Dive Case
This phone case is a little more pricey but is waterproof, pressure resistant, and works well for underwater photography and videos. It is ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. The housing is durable and has a big shutter to capture underwater action and scenes. As a bonus, the case comes with a lanyard and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Where to Buy: Amazon

16. UV Sun Protection Top
Wearing sun-protective clothing is the simplest way to protect against sun damage and skin cancer. Sunburning is a sign of overexposure and aging and can lead to serious health issues.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Where to Buy: Amazon

17. Aquatic Shoes 

Water shoes protect your feet from the ridged rocks and from getting cut. In Florida, millions of gallons of sewage are spilled, and pesticides wash into water bodies causing harmful bacteria that can cause infections. Keep your feet protected with aquatic shoes.

Where to Buy: Amazon

18. Eye Protection 

Wearing sunglasses helps you filter light and protect your eyes from damaging UV rays. Exposure to UV rays can damage your vision and lead to cataracts or skin cancer around the eyelids.
Where to Buy: Amazon

19. Sun Protection Hat 

A hat is an added layer of protection for your face, head, back of the neck, and ear. It can help reduce the amount of UV radiation reaching the eyes by 50%. Remember that the sun is strongest from 10 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m.

Where to Buy: Amazon

20. Sunscreen 

RAW Elements stands out as a sunscreen that has earned the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) top rating. With a remarkable 80 minutes of sun protection, it shields your skin without any harmful synthetic chemicals. In a world where numerous consumer products act as endocrine disruptors and pose risks to human health, this sunscreen is a breath of fresh air. It is not only organic and certified as a natural mineral sunscreen, but it is also reef-safe, cruelty-free, and biodegradable.
Where to Buy: Amazon

21. Lip Protection

Long-term exposure to sunlight can negatively impact the skin covering your lips. Too much UV exposure can cause your lips to become discolored, cracked, and dry. You may also notice sores and blisters. Do not overlook your mouth when it comes to sun protection; wear lip balm. Ethique is a natural lip moisturizer with cocoa butter, vitamin E, and plant-based ingredients, including moringa oil. As a bonus, it has sustainable packaging.

Where to Buy: Amazon

22. Neck Gaiter 

A neck gaiter protects your neck and face from the sun and cold conditions. It is an added layer of protection from the sun on warm and sunny days.

Where to Buy: Amazon

23. Quick Dry Towel 

This towel is a packable cloth that is incredibly absorbent and quick-drying. It comes in a zippered bag for easy storage and has a tab for hanging. The only con is that it quickly collects pet hair because it's microfiber. Still, this towel covers a large surface area. It can easily be packed into your bag without taking up much room, which is why it is suitable for hiking, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, and outdoor activities.

Where to Buy: Amazon

24. Snorkel Set 

The beauty of traveling on water is that you can take a swim. A mask and snorkel set lets you see sea life and explore the underwater world. This set includes an anti-fog mask, snorkel, trek fins, and storage bag. Snorkeling sets for kids and beginners on Amazon

I take underwater photography and video shots with this Olympus Tough TG-6 waterproof camera. My kids and I use this camera on the water, hiking, and camping. We like this camera because it is compact, making it easy to carry. It's also a tough camera, hence the name. This has numerous shooting options, including five underwater modes and high-speed movies.

Where to Buy: Amazon

26. Go Pro Adventures Kit
Still time-lapse options and a built-in touchscreen. This GoPro is a well-known camera in and out of the water among sports enthusiasts.

Where to Buy: Amazon

27. Go Pro Chest Mount 

A lightweight, hands-free chest mount for GoPro so you can capture underwater footage while you swim, snorkel, and more.

Where to Buy: Amazon

28. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker that floats in water, and you can get wet. Suitable for camping, boating, and island meetups, this speaker is compact with five light patterns for night paddles.

Where to Buy: Amazon

29. Waterproof Watch

This shark clip is a water-resistant digital watch with an alarm, timer, and standard digital functions.

Where to Buy: Amazon

30. Trash Bags
I always take extra trash bags on my adventures to clean up littered spaces that could impact wildlife and water quality.

Where to Buy: Amazon

31. Fishing Pole Combo 

An all-in-one fishing rod with a fishing line and tackle box including a selection of crankbaits, float bobbers, jig heads, soft lures, swivels, and sinkers suited to various fishing situations. A carry bag is also offered.

Where to Buy: Amazon

32. Safety Lights 

These pocket-friendly, weather-resistant LED Lights come in three colors and fish-shaped waterproof bags.

Where to Buy: Amazon

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